How can a child be enrolled in the school?
  • Contact with the school should be made through the secretary.
  • The parents/guardians of each prospective pupil must supply a copy of a birth certificate for each child when registering. A copy of the child’s baptismal cert is required for Roman Catholics.
  • Parents of special needs children are encouraged to discuss the child’s needs with the Principal.
  • Parents and prospective pupils are invited to meetings in June to meet the teacher and Principal. The children can spend some time with their new classmates.
  • A child must be 4 years of age on  the 1st of September of that school year in order to be included in a Junior Infant Class

At what time is the secretary available?

School Secretary – Marie O’Riordan  (9.30.m.-1.30p.m.)


Absence from School –  What do I do if my child is absent?

All parents are requested to send a note to the teacher if their child has been absent from school. Each teacher keeps a record of these absences on file and reports to the Principal when a child has been absent for a total of 15 days. A child is not allowed to leave the school without the written permission of the parent/guardian.

Who provides School Transport for Glantane N.S. ?

Hammond Coaches, in conjunction with Bus Éireann and the D.E.S., transport the allocated children to and from the school.

What is my role as a Parent/Guardian?

Parents are an essential element in the structure of the school and as such, it is the policy to involve you in as many aspects of school life as is possible. Your opinions, both formal and informal, will be given due consideration and your offers of help will always be welcome. It is the intention of school management that  the parents feel that they are an integral part of the school, that their opinions are always welcome and that their children are receiving the type of education with which they are happy. It is also school policy that parents feel comfortable about being part of the school, meeting teachers and being concerned about their children’s welfare and development.

Breaks – How often do children get a break from academic work?

11.05 to 11.15 a.m.
12.30 to 1.00 p.m.
Lunch must be eaten indoors.

Bullying – How does the school manage bullying incidents?

Bullying in any form is not acceptable. See Behaviour and Discipline Policy.

Cars – Are cars allowed on the school grounds?

Parking is available in the school grounds for a number of staff cars.
Parents may drop their children off in school car park. Please do not delay when dropping off or collecting your child as this may obstruct the flow of traffic.

Communication between school and home – How does the school communicate with parents/guardians?
  • Text messages are sent regularly.
  • Circulars for parents are given to the children. You are advised to check your child’s schoolbag at regular intervals.
  • Notices will also be posted on the website.

Closures – How will we know when the school is closed for holidays?

A list of school closures  (for the following year) is circulated to families in June. These will also be available on the website.

Homework – Is homework given?

Homework is set on Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thurs. nights. Homework is graded according to class level.
Infants 10/15 minutes
First/second 20/25 minutes
Third/Fourth 30/40 minutes
Fifth/Sixth 50/60 minutes

These times are approximate.

The staff of the school remind parents of the importance of attending meticulously to homework especially oral work.

The school journal must be signed each night by parents (First  to Sixth Class).

Infants – Are infant pupils expected to work a full day from their first day at school?

Infants  go home at 12. 30 for the first two weeks.

For the remainder of the year the day is 9.20 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Internet Safety – Do children have access to the internet?

Yes but with limited access.

All internet activity must adhere to the guidelines in the school’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy. The school’s internet is subject to a high level of filtering which is supplied by the National Council for Technology in Education under the auspices of the Department of Education and Skills.

Lunches – What should children bring for lunch?

Children should bring a healthy lunch, sandwich, fruit, yoghurt  etc. Crisps, chewing gum or Fizzy drinks are not allowed.

Milk: Is milk provided in school?

We do not provide milk at present.

Parents Association – Does the school have a Parents association?

Yes, parents are involved in many activities during the year.  The work of the association is very much appreciated.  See Parents Association .

Parent Teacher Meetings – Does the school hold Parent/Teacher Meetings?

Parent Teacher meetings are held at the end of November or start of December each year.

Parents who are not in a position to attend on the given day will be seen at a mutually suitable time.

If you need to meet a teacher at any other stage of the year, please feel free to make an appointment.

Book Rental Scheme – Has the school a book rental scheme?

Yes. Children can avail of the school’s book rental scheme, or alternatively parents can buy all the books themselves.

Textbooks/Booklists – When are booklists circulated?

Booklists and details of the book rental scheme are circulated in June.

In an attempt to keep disruption in the classes to a minimum in September, parents must settle expenses for the rental scheme before the end of June

 How does the school deal with transition to Second Level?

Every effort will be made to support the children of sixth class as they prepare for secondary school. The local secondary schools will be invited to speak to the class to give the children an opportunity to familiarise themselves with what is available in each school. Details regarding Open Nights and Information Evenings will be made available to the children and their parents/guardians. Past pupils will also be invited to speak to the children.

The sixth class teacher will make further contact with the secondary schools after Easter to inform them of the standard/ability/special needs  etc of the prospective pupils. Pupils from this school traditionally transfer to Mallow Secondary Schools.(St. Mary’s Secondary School (girls), Patrician Academy (boys), Davis College, Mallow and Scoil Mhuire, Kanturk.

Uniform – Must Children wear a uniform?

School Uniform must be worn at all times other than when the child’s class is scheduled for a P.E. lesson or is in involved in a sporting activity on a given day, e.g. football  match