Green School

In June ,we achieved our Fifth Green Flag for Biodiversity.

Congratulations everyone!

We won a prize for our Fantastic Project.

Beautiful Books

Sherkin Island Project June 2018

Save our Seas

Christmas 2017

Let’s Recycle

Tree Planting for our Biodiversity Flag – November 2017


Our Minibeast Hunt

Out Travel Motto


The Power of 1 – October 23rd 2015

This photo shows the state of our corridor when every person dropped just  one piece of litter each.


This photo shows the state of our corridor when every person picked up one piece of litter each.

We can make a difference!


Climate Change October 23rd 2015

‘Climate Change Day’ Banner made by 6th Class


Pupils introducing ‘Climate Change Day’


Balloon demonstration showing the amount of dangerous gases produced per kilometre when coming to school by car.


Pupils listing actions that can damage  the earth. Coats put on. It warms up!


Pupils listing ways to be kind to the earth. Coats removed. It cools down!


Bicycle Day

We had a very exciting  Day on October 22nd 2015. We  learned  about Bicycle Safety and bike maintenance.

Thanks to Ellen our Green School Advisor and to Paul from Pi Cycles in Mallow for their wonderful advice.

We are ready for road!

photo 5-001 photo 4-001 photo 3-001

photo 2-001

Green School

Travel Together Thursday

On Thursday 7th May 2015 we started our ‘Travel Together Thursday’ initiative. Each Thursday we try our best to come to school in an environmentally friendly way. While we await our footpath we encourage people to car pool to school. The class with the greatest percentage each week wins the Golden Boot!!! Lets try really hard to win the Golden Boot!!!


Helmet Fitting and Bike Maintenance Workshop

On Tuesday 12th May, Ellen from An Taisce visited our school. She showed us how to make sure our helmets were fitted properly. Thank you  Ellen!!!


We are currently working on the fourth Green School theme of ‘transport’ while maintaining the work from the previous “Recycling”, “Energy” and “Water” themes. A new Green School Committee was elected in September 2014.

The current members are; David, Lilly, Katelynn, Jack, Thiaha, Siún, Jack,  Ms. Ní Chróinín, Mrs. Herlihy and Mrs. Máire Murphy.

Walkability Audit

The Green School committee conducted a walkability audit between the school and Glantane Village. The results of the audit are on the Green School Notice board. We also sent the report to the Cork County Council.

Christmas Tree Decorations from Recycled Materials

We recycled different materials to make Christmas decorations!!!


In May 2014, we were awarded with our third green flag. The theme for this flag is “Water”. Thanks to everyone for helping us achieve our flag!!!

Water Day of Action: March 7th 2014!!!

We had a fun filled day on Friday for our Water day of Action. The whole school got involved in a range of water based activities. Guest speaker from EPS  Shane Corcoran spoke to all classes about water conservation.


Water lesson – all classes used Trócaire resources to learn about the importance of water.


Everyone visited Splashworld  and took part in five fun water activities. The aim was to help us all increase our appreciation for water!

  1. Clay pinch pot making
  2. Marbling ink art
  3. Free play with water containers (closely supervised by Sixth Class!)
  4. Ipad water app activity
  5. Construction of boats and bridges using lego
Water: Interesting Facts and Figures
  • 99% of the world’s water cannot be used because it is either saline or is locked up in the glaciers
  • A tap dripping once a second wastes about 10,000 litres of water a year
  • A powershower uses almost 125 litres of water in 5 minutes
  • The World Bank estimates that by 2025 1.4billion people in 48 countries may experience water scarcity
Water Conservation Tips
  • Turn off the taps when washing your teeth – you can save up to 6 litres
  • Always fix leaking taps
  • Use your washing machine and dishwasher only when full!
  • Use waste water from dish washing to water your plants
  • Fill the Kettle for the right amount – you can save energy as well!!!
  • Try to use eco friendly products!!!

Recycling Motto: Our school is Mother Nature’s home, a clean green recycling zone.


Green School


We were awarded our Second Green Flag in May 2012. The theme for this flag was energy.

Energy Motto: Our school does earth a favour because we are energy savers.

Energy Saving Motto

As a whole school we worked on reducing the amount of energy consumed by our school. The children took part in a ‘Low Energy Day of Action’, where they learned ways and reasons for reducing the levels of energy which we use.

Despite of the growing size of the school our heating and waste disposal bills have reduced considerably. The children of the school feel great ownership of this project and are very dedicated to playing a part in protecting the environment.

 We Won !

Glantane N.S.  Winners of the  “Whole School Category” for the Sherkin Island Marine Environmental Competition for a second year in a row!!!!

We completed a whole school project on “Water”. We received a lovely prize of a comprehensive set of books which will help the children to deepen their knowledge of and appreciation of the environment.

Well done everybody!

Let’s go for three in a row!

Sherkin prize 13


Water Project  June 2013


As you know, we are currently working to achieve our third green flag which will be for Water. Over the past few weeks, we have been working on a whole school water project. Each class worked on a specific topic based on “Protecting Our Water”. On Thursday 27th June, the projects were put together and displayed for the whole school. Members from each class presented their part of the project to the rest of the school. This whole school project will be entered in the Sherkin Island Marine Station – Environmental Competition. Hopefully we’ll do as well as we did last year!!!! Our project will be on display in the corridor in September. Thanks for all the children and staff who took part in this project, for their enthusiasm and dedication to environmental issues!


World Water Day

Our Green School Committee made a presentation to each class on Friday 22nd March 2013. This demonstration helped the children to realise the precious value of water in our world: 97% of the world’s water is salt water, 2% is locked up in the ice caps/glaciers and only 1% is available for drinking water. Children from the different classes suggested ways in which we could reduce the amount of water we use at home and in school.

Water Day



Mr. Donal O’Leary recently visited our school to speak to 3rd – 6th classes on the importance of Composting. We are delighted that we have made huge savings in waste disposal due to our fantastic recycling efforts.

WEEE Ireland

On Monday 3rd February, David Beckhom from WEEE Ireland, visited our school to talk to the children of 3rd to 6th class about the importance of recycling batteries and electrical appliances. Each classroom was given a blue box for used batteries. So if you have used batteries at home, bring them to school to recycle them!!!

Sherkin Island Environmental Competition.

In June 2012 we completed a whole school project on the importance of bees to our environment. As part of the project two local beekeepers – Andy Bourke and Donie O’Sullivan visited the school, bringing with them a live hive, much to the delight of the children. Our project won the first prize in the Whole School Category and received a beautiful collection of books based on the environment. The children are very proud of their great achievement.